“The bias of the mainstream media is toward sensationalism, conflict and laziness, The embarrassment is that I’m given credibility in this world because of the disappointment that the public has in what the news media does.” (Jon Stewart)

But is sensationalism really so horrible? And do people really dislike it as much as Stewart seems to think? – You Bet!

Complete political gridlock at the Federal level has prevented the President and Congress from moving on anything. Obama is at roughly the same popularity level that George W. Bush was at at this poinY in his presidency. President Obama Laughed Off Negative Poll Numbers to Barbara Walters, pointing out that his popularity has “Nowhere to Go But Up”.

Americans’ approval of the way Congress is handling its job has plunged to 9%. Which is the lowest in Gallup’s 39-year history. The previous low point was 10%, twice in 2012.

Do you approve of the way Congress is doing it's job?
Do you approve of the way Congress is doing it’s job?

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