Shut down and investigate Trump

trump and putin

The New York Times just called it a “breathtaking admission.”1

Yesterday, FBI Director James Comey confirmed that Donald Trump and his associates are subjects of an active criminal investigation regarding “possible connections between President Trump’s campaign and Russia’s efforts to sabotage” November’s election—to benefit Trump.2

These allegations are remarkably serious. So serious that earlier today Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer stood on the floor of the U.S. Senate to call for a delay on the confirmation of Trump’s Supreme Court nominee until Trump has been fully investigated.3 Will you sign the petition urging Congress to support both a special prosecutor and an independent investigation—and to pause all Trump-related appointments and legislation until Americans learn the full truth?

Congress must pause all Trump-related legislation and appointments—starting with a halt to Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation process—until the American people learn the full truth about Trump and Russia.
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How can Congress, in good conscience, agree to further Trump’s agenda amid such serious allegations regarding possible illegal collusion with Russia? The answer is simple: It can’t.

There’s no other way to characterize this breaking news: The legitimacy of Trump’s presidency and his entire administration is in question. And with so much yet unknown, Congress cannot consider Trump’s agenda, especially the lifetime appointment of Neil Gorsuch.

That’s why it’s imperative that Congress halt every piece of the Trump agenda—and that the Senate heed Sen. Schumer’s call to stop Supreme Court confirmation hearings—until a full and independent investigation has been conducted.

Deliver a simple three-word message to Congress: Shut it down.

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