House Republicans unveil Trumpcare – (AKA Just Another Tax Break for the 1%)

House Republicans unveiled their long awaited plan to replace Obamacare—called the American Health Care Act—and it is terrible.

House Speaker Paul Ryan and team have finally come up with what they are going to try to pass off as an Obamacare replacement plan. It’s not. It’s tax cuts for the wealthy, first and foremost, because if you are a Republican, everything is tax cuts for the wealthy. It will definitely cover fewer people than Obamacare—but we don’t know how many—and it will probably balloon the deficit—but we don’t know by how much—because it hasn’t been scored by the Congressional Budget Office. And probably won’t be before they start voting on it in committee on Wednesday. So in seven years of preparing for this, what have they come up with?
This is not a serious health care plan, and it falls far short Donald Trump’s claim that any replacement would “get insurance for everybody.”

Daily Kos

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